Thursday, 10 December 2015

Instantly Discover How to Get Rid Of Your Love Handles Fast And Permanently Within Just 2 Weeks

Hey everyone. You're about to INSTANTLY discover the TRICKS on how to lose your love handles. It's fast, and you'll get rid of them within a week or two. Believe it or not, you're not alone as this is a huge World Wide problem and it doesn't surprise me one bit. As a weight loss and Health Enthusiast I've noticed the change that is happening to everyone.

Technology is making us lazier and the food choices we are bombarded with everyday are majority processed, GM (genetically modified) and full of preservatives. It honestly disgusts me.

You don't have to worry about the embarrassing and ugly love handles caused by the very things above anymore. I am here to help you, all I ask of you is to apply the tricks you learn here today.

Let's get straight to the meaty parts.

how to get rid of love handles fast

What Exactly Are Love Handles Anyway? (You'd Be Surprised How Popular This Question Is)

The answer is simple! It's excess body fat attached to both the right and left sides of the Hip bone. Yes, to you it may be ugly and you can get rid of it easier then you may think. Some people especially Men actually adore Women with love handles (I know I do). Then there are Women out there who absolutely hate them and want to lose them forever.

Another common question I get is:

"I'm Skinny And Not Fat But I Have Big Love Handles" HELP!!

getting rid of love handlesIt's vital to understand that there is also a huge difference between love handles and naturally having big hips giving you the impression that you have them. Unfortunately, for these folks it is out of your control, you have been blessed with big hips and if I was you I'd embrace them. I know I would!

Getting Rid Of Love Handles And How to Fast 

Yes it's very possible to lose them fast but it's going to come down to two very important factors!

  1. DIET: What you eat will determine your results. More on this soon.
  2. EXERCISE: This will burn off the excess fat around your hips and tone up the surrounding muscles. However, you need to be doing the correct exercises in order to maximize the effectiveness. Again, more on this soon.

Here is another question I get often:

"Is It Possible to Lose Your Love Handles In A Week Or Even Two Weeks?"

You will be amazed with what you can achieve results wise in just one week, however, you need to stick with what you learn here, stay motivated and focused. I know we all want quick results, but honestly, focus on the long term because it's been proven that people who do so are way better off and will not rebound in weight.

What Is The Best Diet to Lose Love Handles?

Eating foods high in lean Proteins:  

Ione of the easiest way's, as Protein burns fat by raising your metabolism even without actually exercising.

I do suggest investing in some inexpensive high quality whey protein powder to keep your body levels sufficient.

I suggest having two shakes a day, one in the morning and one at night.

get rid of love handles nowDrink Super Greens Everyday: 

Drinking Super greens everyday supplies your body with every vitamin, mineral and antioxidant that it needs to thrive. 

Not only that but also Alkalizes your body which my friends losing those stubborn love handles will become the easiest thing ever once you master the alkalizing trick.

lose those love handles nowDrink Icy Cold Water First Thing In The Morning:

This is a cool little trick to increase your metabolism for 2 -3 hours instantly. Not only that, but, also Cold Water has been proven to target stubborn fat and especially around the hip bone. Upon Waking, DRINK 1 liter of Icy cold water.

Take a Fat Burner Supplement:

This is a fantastic trick that not many think about but when you do can really give you that added boost. Most fat burners contain caffeine but more importantly they contain a whole range of fat burning ingredients. Go to your local health food store, local supplement shop or do what I do, and that is buy online in BULK and save. 

What Is The Best Exercises For Getting Rid Of Love Handles Fast? 

Now that you have the diet part mastered, it's time to look at some of the most effective exercises out there that specifically target excess body fat which is essentially what love handles are. By performing these, you will accelerate your results guarantee.

Here is a Youtube Video showing you an AWESOME Workout! Why Don't You Follow Along?

Other Effective Exercises

Perform HIT (High Intensity Training)

HIIT is one of those workouts where you only need to do twice a week but the results you could get is incredible. This is a great trick for targeting body fat. 

Here Is An Example Workout (TRY THIS)
You can either use a Treadmill or run on flat grass like at your local Sports oval.

For 60 seconds run as hard as you can non stop. Then:
For 60 seconds walk to get your breath back. ( This is called active recovery) 
Repeat this 10 times and you will be feeling absolutely stuffed but your body will be burning up the big calories now and for up to 48 hours post workout. Enjoy!


Squats are a great compound exercise which works the body as a whole. This means also it's an effective way to destroy fat. The technique is rather easy (imagine that you're attempting to sit on a chair) do this 10-20 times and for 3-4 sets. This is a workout within itself, trust me. If for some reason you can't do the technique properly, try doing the wall squat.

That's it guys for this article. I've given you everything you need to know to get rid of love handles fast and for good. My advice to you know would be to go ahead and apply what you have learned and please you need to allow at least two weeks to see reasonable results.

Stick it out and I promise you will be amazed with the results achieved by you. If you have any questions whatsoever then please do not hesitate and leave a comment below. I will apply asap. Thank you again.